SEC is a distributed common chain, distributed solution to transaction trust, to meet the decentralization of e-commerce, social, content e-commerce revolution. SEC token is a proof of stake in the uniform use, consumption, and transaction of the SEC block chain.

How SEC Tokens are Used

  • 01

    A credit deposit for entry into the SEC s initial credit deposit and a new transaction relationship.

  • 02

    Used to pay for the purchase of goods, but the use of SEC to buy and sell goods is not necessary to use SEC Tokens as a means of payment.

  • 03

    Generate a block chain token based on SEC smart Contrat for specific domains or brands to pay for fees.

  • 04

    It is used to pay for the Dapp fees for various purchases and sales of goods provided by the SEC development community.

  • 05

    It is used to gain an interest in block chain billing costs.


In case of purchasing or trading SEC Token, please make sure that to check and accept the terms and conditions, and register user information for kyc certification.

Accept the terms and conditions


SEC is the first block chain project based on the trust relationship in the world to promote e-commerce socializing, decentralization, In view of the huge market demand, the SEC supports large concurrency.


based on the scale of P2P e-commerce transactions, considering the current mobile computing power, bandwidth changes and storage conditions, when block chains handle resources for individual transactions, the underlying mechanism needs to be designed to take into account the "low time consuming" and "low energy consumption" processing capacity.


the infrastructure needs to be simple enough to retain the flexibility to evolve and adapt over time and to make decisions that are highly inclusive, rational, and transparent to provide effective leadership for decentralized systems.


on the basis of basic protocol common chain and service layer, ordinary users can carry out decentralized e-commerce application conveniently.

  • DEC,2017 Dec 2017 SEC DPOS and p2p network protocol
  • MAR,2018 Social Ecommerce application development out of SEC
  • APR,2018 Commodity display application code of WEB open source,and upload to github
  • MAY,2018 Commodity display application code of APP open source,and upload to github
  • SEP,2018 SEC Leibniz version,SEC wallet,SEC browser,DAPP develeop framwork,smart contract based ERC233
  • OCT,2018 SEC AS adn BGC, transation gateway
  • DEC,2018 Service over Block package,SEC Winner version
  • MAR,2019 SEC Turing version,TPS made a breakthrough
  • JUN,2019 SEC network expansion
  • JUL,2017 Social ecommerce model test of maizuo
  • FEB,2018 SEC technical cooperat with maizuo social ecommerce
  • OCT,2018 SEC promotion in Toronto with partners
  • OCT,2018 80 thousand exsiting agent,as the creation of the SEC trust ,acess to SEC and application
  • OCT,2018 SEC promotion in Shanghai with partners
  • NOV,2018 SEC promotion in Silicon Valley with partners
  • FEB,2019 SEC promotion in München with partners
  • JUN,2019 SEC promotion in Sydney with partners


  • Collin Chu
    • he has been the world’s third largest FinTech project leader for more than 20 years in China
    • North America bank application systems, financial software system design and research and development experience
    • Nanyang Polytechnic University, Singapore
  • Oliver Gu
    • chairman of the North American E-Commerce Forum,co-founder of the Center for International Productivity Cooperation,Co-founder of the CAPC-China Business High-Tech Alliance and Co-Chair of the China-Canada E-Commerce High-Tech Summit
    • Master of Science in computer Science, Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts, USA
  • Rain Liu
    • winner of the Ontario Outstanding Women Award
    • China and Canada Electronic Commerce Association Director, Li Sun and IBM Certified Senior engineer of Canadian multinational corporations
    • Former program host and planner of Canadian National Television, Canadian Chinese Radio and Fujian Zhangzhou TV Station
  • Chen siyu
    • Graduated from the University of California
    • Los Angeles (UCLA) computer department, in Amazon, Baidu and unicorn Procore Technologies,love block chain project development


  • head of technology landing in China, CEO of soda social ecommerce, the earliest real time linux developer in China, and an Internet serial entrepreneur.Has worked for China Telecom Group. INT Block chain team members
  • the co-founder of Showout, Tencent's top 100 employees, angel investors
  • block chain and big data mining expert, NASA founder of the North American
  • He is the person in charge of SEC technology China E-commerce, block chain veteran investors, E-commerce operations experts, has worked in Alibaba B2B Division, served as Ali service training department, operations department, product department in charge, has nine years of rich experience in the E-commerce domain, provided service to more than 5,000 E-commerce companies
  • the founder of Bestiny, Tencent's early employees, angel investors
  • An expert of National Thousand Talent Program, and a Ph.D. inDalhouse University, Canada, with CFA and FRM certifications He was the former managing director of risk division inthe Royal Bank of Canada.And he is the author of monographs on Financial risk Management ,risk Management and derivative products, block chains, etc. He also serves as an academic consultant at the Rottmann School of Management,University of Toronto,and an visiting professor in the University of Croatia
  • Xiao A partner of Matrix Partners.Previous General Manager of Pinyin Plus, Product Manager of Baidu TV,the general manager of IT Business Division in Tianji MediaShe currently specializes in the investment in Internet, e-commerce, wireless, software and other areas
  • director of risk control, Guangdong Zhuotai Investment Management Co., Ltd